North Olmsted Laser Wash
25056 Lorain Road
North Olmsted, Ohio  44070
PHONE:  440-801-9274 (WASH)
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FYI - Laser Wash Information  - North Olmsted Laser Wash

North Olmsted Laser Wash
The wash is advertised as being open 24 hours, does this mean someone is on premises 24 hours?
No, an attendant is usually on premises 2-3 hours per day to check on the facility and equipment. We have 24 hour video and electronic monitoring of the carwash. If there is a problem with the equipment, it is designed to alert us. Also, if you call and leave a message, someone will call you back as soon as possible until 10:00pm and after that, the next day.

What is a Laserwash?
Laserwash is a brand name. There are many located in Ohio, but they are NOT franchised. We feel our wash is unique in regard to the equipment and products we use in order to effectively clean your vehicle.

What is a Spot Free Rinse?

A spot free rinse is the last rinse on your vehicle. It is comprised of RO water (Reverse Osmosis). RO water has "0" TDS (Total Dissolved Solids). We make our own RO water on site by first removing all of the minerals and chlorine and then processing through special filters to assure that the final rinse is CRYSTAL CLEAR.

Do you recycle your water?
No, all of the water we use is FRESH, CLEAN, and TOTALLY SOFT.

Do you heat the Wash Water?
Absolutely. We heat the presoak and the rinse water to the maximum allowed by law of 120 degrees. Some washes try to clean your vehicle with COLD water.

Will anything touch my vehicle?
No, unlike some washes that pull your vehicle on a track (possibly damaging your tires and rims) or use what they call SOFT CLOTH (which can still scratch your paint). NOTHING touches your vehicle except specially designed cleaning solutions, protectants , fresh soft hot water and air.

What should I do if the wash bay I am using develops a problem while I am washing my vehicle?
Although we strive for a perfect experience each and every time, problems may occur rarely. If that happens, purchase a wash in the other wash bay (if possible). Give us a call and leave a message and we will promptly refund your first purchase or give credit for a future wash (your choice). Our goal is your complete, no hassle satisfaction.

Does the touchless system always get my vehicle clean?
There are certain times of the year that touchless cleaning becomes a challenge. When oil and hydrocarbons bake themselves on your vehicles surface, the only way to remove them is by friction. Once or twice a year, you may need to hand wash your vehicle to breakdown the contaminants. Regular washing at our location will then keep your investment looking like new.